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The Best Time of Year to Travel to DC for Vacation

Feb 13, 2024

While there’s never a bad time to visit Washington, DC, the spring is a particular favorite. DC is known for the famed Cherry Blossoms that line the tidal basin and decorate the city in absolute splendor. Peak week varies based on the weather, so be sure to keep a check on-line, but timing your visit with The Cherry Blossom Festival, is key.

This year’s Cherry Blossom Festival dates is March, 20th – April, 14th. From the Blossom Kite Festival to the official Cherry Blossom Parade, there’s plenty to see and do. We’ll admit, the weather can be “wait and see” for peak bloom but planning the timing of your visit in the middle of the festival dates is typically your best bet!

While in DC enjoy an array of culinary options with outdoor seating. Longer days prove to be filled with bustling patios filled with the after-work crowd. And of course, walking between the cities museums and monuments in the warm spring air is the best!

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