Earn points towards a free trip.

Earn points for a free trip on both our standard buses and the luxury 'Tripper Elite' coach. Learn morearrow




Be a part of our rewards program

For every six tickets purchased on board our standard Tripper Bus, earn a complimentary ticket to be used for future travel on your next purchase. For every six tickets purchased on our executive coach, Tripper elite, earn 2 points for every ticket towards your rewards.

Please note: Tickets can be purchased together or for separate travel. Tickets do not need to be purchased at one time.

Cannot combine two special offers within one sale

How To Sign Up For Rewards


Register as a Tripper Bus member or log in with your current log in if one has been created.

If you have not yet enrolled, click here and complete the registration process. We make it simple and easy. All it takes is an email address and a password that you create. There is no charge or annual fee. (Forgot your password? No worries click here and we’ll send you info on how to log in using your registered email address )


Start earning points

Once you have registered to be a rewards member you’re all set and will automatically begin earning points for your travel as you purchase tickets on board Tripper Bus. You will earn 1 point for every reservation on our standard Tripper Bus and 2 points per trip when traveling on our executive service, Tripper elite. (Reserving multiple seats earns you multiple points). Your reward points will automatically be credited to the Tripper Bus account associated with your log in once travel has been completed.


Redeem your points for complimentary travel

Once you have enough points to claim a complimentary ticket on a Tripper Bus or Tripper elite, simply log in to your account and follow the steps to book a reservation as usual. At checkout, you’ll be given the option to redeem your points (If you have enough for a free trip) or to save them for a later date. Please select “Redeem Points” then select “Purchase Tickets” to finalize your reservation.

Earning points on paid bookings

Points for a Free Trip:

6 points equals a free one-way ticket on board our standard Tripper Bus, 12 points earns a one way free ticket on board our executive coach, Tripper elite.

Regular Bus

6 points needed to redeem

Elite Bus

12 points needed to redeem

Partial Redemption

Want to travel round trip but only have enough points for one-way travel? No problem. Simply book your round trip ticket and follow the steps to redeem your current free ticket per the steps above. You will be charged for the additional one way portion left over. It’s that simple.

Additional Information About Tripper Bus Rewards.

Explore the added perks of Tripper Bus Rewards, unlocking exclusive bonuses, discounts, and special promotions with each trip. Elevate your travel experience with extra benefits beyond transportation.

No blackout dates.

No membership fees.

Unused reward points never expire

Points are earned on any Tripper Bus Schedule

Once you join our rewards program, your points will begin accumulating every time you log in to make a purchase for travel on board Tripper Bus. Please note you must be logged into your account in order to receive awards

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